2018 English Local Elections Survey

2018 English Local Elections Survey

Researchers from the universities of East Anglia (Dr. Toby James) and Newcastle (Dr. Alistair Clark) are carrying out a survey of polling station workers and presiding officers at the 2018 local elections.  This page provides some FAQs for those areas who are taking part.  We will also update the page with survey results upon completion of the study.

Why are you doing this research?

The aim of the survey is to gather information about poll workers’ and presiding officers’:

  • Reasons why staff volunteered to work on the election
  • Their training for the election
  • Experience of the election
  • Socio-demographic characteristics

Where will it be run?

The study is being run across all areas holding English local elections, except the pilot areas where the Electoral Commission have a survey in place, asking similar questions.

Will it be anonymous?

Data will be aggregated so that your local authority is not identifiable and individual responses will be kept strictly confidential.

How will the information be used?

The survey will lead to reports and academic articles which we will be very happy to make freely available to you at the conclusion of the project.  You can sign up for updates on our research via the newsletter .

Our aim is to help to develop lesson learning and evidence based policy.  You can read our study of the 2015 General Election or out Evaluation of Electoral Administration the EU Referendum, which was undertaken for the Electoral Commission.

What will electoral officials need to do?

The survey is online.  We are simply asking that an electoral official forwards a link with the survey in to all staff who are involved on the day.  If you could flag the survey in the training sessions, and send an email reminder then this would be really helpful too.

How can we take part?

The researchers will be writing to public elections address – so watch out for that email.  But you can also get in contact with the researchers direct on t.s.james@uea.ac.uk or alistair.clark@newcastle.ac.uk.

What questions will be in the survey?

A copy of the survey can be downloaded herePlease complete the online survey – do not fill in the .pdf.  

The survey will open after the close of polls and will remain open for one month.

Thank you for taking part in the project

Image credit: Adam Tinworth

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